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September 3, 2011
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BW C.CCP V.2 wo-Text by CiscoQL BW C.CCP V.2 wo-Text by CiscoQL
Thank god I'm finally done with this project. inb4 there's a mistake in this poster. >.> Yeah, everything will get fixed but for now, I'm done :D

ANYWAYS, here's some code translations:
CCP: Comic Con Poster
V.1: Al Capony in the balloon
V.2: Some other pony that I can't remember at the moment
w-Text: Contains CCP Title, logos and Copyright Information
wo-Text: Does not contain w-text
Corrected CCP: The right CCP, don't bother with the other ones :P
BW: Black and white? Duh.
C.CCP: Corrected CCP

So, after ~80 hours of coloring, this project is done. This poster was asked to be done by SillyIncantations at /art/ in ponychan. [link]
I decided to do a community collaberation but ended up with the following:


And your's truly, Midnight Star!x.jK/hScOs.

John, Incantations and Midwest did all of the outlining while Goukai helped with the QR Code, the logos and the copyright information. You could consider me as the co-ordinator and colorer. If you go to the ponychan post, which I will link to again, [link] , you can see all the progress and a bit of the drama that errupted. But I'm just glad this got finished.

So, here are all the different versions available.

CCP V.1 w-Text: [link]
CCP V.2 w-Text: [link]
CCP V.1 wo-Text: [link]
CCP V.2 wo-Text: [link]
C.CCP V.1 w-Text: [link]
C.CCP V.2 w-Text: [link]
C.CCP V.1 wo-Text: [link]
C.CCP V.2 wo-Text: [link]
BW CCP V.1 w-Text: [link]
BW CCP V.2 w-Text: [link]
BW CCP V.1 wo-Text: [link]
BW CCP V.2 wo-Text: [link]
BW C.CCP V.1 w-Text: [link]
BW C.CCP V.2 w-Text: [link]
BW C.CCP V.1 wo-Text: [link]
BW C.CCP V.2 wo-Text: [link]

Bonus Link 1: [link]
Bonus Link 2: [link]
Bonus Link 3: [link]
JunglePony Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see Nyx :D
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